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Ryan worked just as hard as I did to get me back on the field.

Ian McMahon

Ryan Schaefer is a Physical Therapist and Board Certified Sport Specialist with over 6 years of clinical experience. He graduated with a Bachelors of Exercise Science from Southern Illinois University in 2010 and went on to complete his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Belmont University in 2013. Ryan has spent his career specializing in  sports medicine and performance.
     Ryan played football for Division 1-AA Southern Illinois University for one year before suffering a career ending knee injury. This knee injury is what led him down the path of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and it continues to be his driving force toward preventing injuries and helping his patients and clients accomplish their athletic goals.
   After completing his doctorate in Physical Therapy Ryan spent the next four years working with athletic trainers, strength coaches, and team physicians providing optimal care and performance strategies to the athletes of Father Ryan High School. During this time Ryan obtained his Sports Certification through the American Board of Physical Therapy and had the opportunity to work with Division 1 and professional athletes of varying sports and competition levels.
      In December of 2017 Ryan accepted a position in Southern Illinois as the director of Sports Medicine for Integrated Health where he was able to further develop his niche working with overhead athletes. He obtained a certification through OnBaseU to perform 3-D motion analysis of throwing mechanics giving him the skill set to thoroughly assess the throwing motion, provide correctives, and optimize throwing efficiency resulting in increased velocity and improved control.
      Ryan worked as the Sports Medicine Provider and Performance Coach for Foundry Athletics and Sports Medicine Provider for Future Swings where his focus was assessing, treating, and optimizing the performance of overhead athletes and field/court athletes.
    While in Southern Illinois he helped local athletes obtain scholarships to Division 1 and II JUCO baseball programs, Division 1 NCAA baseball programs, and local football players obtain national star ratings. With this experience Ryan has developed cutting edge sport specific training programs as well as recruiting strategies to assist parents and athletes with the right exposure.
       Ryan is extremely excited to return to Nashville and provide the athletes of Middle Tennessee with the best training opportunity available in the country.


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"I highly recommend Dr. Schaefer to any baseball player that is suffering from lingering injuries or that just wants to optimize their performance. His treatment and training approaches are baseball specific and it was encouraging to work with someone that understands the baseball specific needs of the body and speaks our language."

John Ray
Pitcher at TCU
top velo: 97

Dr. Schaefer helped me prepare for my senior season by restoring lost shoulder mobility and stability that had led to elbow pain. I had lost velo secondary to this but after working with Dr. Schaefer for 6 weeks my Velo went from 86 to 91, I was pain-free, and had a great senior season. Mid-way through my senior season I was offered a JUCO baseball scholarship and I am continuing to work towards achieving my dream. 

Justin Clark
Pitcher at Rend Lake College
top velo: 91

I have no reservations saying Dr. Schaefer is one of the best in his field. Not only does he have an unparalleled knowledge base but he also has the innate ability to think critically and apply his knowledge into his programming.

Ryan worked just as hard as I did to get me back on the field. To find someone who is going to be completely honest in this industry is rare. Ryan genuinely cares about the people he works with.

Ian McMahon
Pitcher at Missouri State University