stop spending so much time in medical offices treating the same problem over and over again.

You are not your pain. You are a unique human being with a personal story and lived experiences. At Wolfe PT we consider the whole patient -- past, present, and future -- in our treatment plans. We take the time to learn your story and your goals so that we can parter with you in achieving them. Whether you just tore your ACL in a game or you've been battling back pain for years, our 1-on-1 Physical Therapy evaluations and treatments will empower you to safely and effectively get back to what you love.

Evaluations & Follow Up Treatments

60 - 90 minutes

initial evaluation

Follow up appointments

We typically allow a full 90 minutes for evaluations. You will have plenty of time to share your experiences and we will have plenty of time to thoroughly assess your mobility. After the examination, an individualized plan of care will be created to meet your goals, reduce your pain, and promote  the tissue healing that will allow you to return to your prior level of function.

Manual (hands-on) therapy including joint mobilization, spinal manipulation, dry needling and soft tissue mobilization may be utilized to enhance tissue healing and restore mobility in the affected areas of the body. Corrective exercises will be assigned to address any imbalances in strength or mobility and to generally improve your movement patterns in order to prevent further and future injury.

After your initial evaluation you'll collaborate with your therapist to determine when and how often to return for follow up treatments. By spending uninterrupted 1-on-1 time with you, and providing a robust, customized home exercise program, we are able to accomplish our goals much quicker and in fewer visits than in many traditional Physical Therapy settings.

Most follow up appointments are 60 minute sessions. Your therapist will reassess your mobility to measure progress and consult with you about your exercise program and any new issues that may have come up between appointments.

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Injury Screens

Does my injury require treatment?

Rather than schedule a 90 minute evaluation, you can schedule a brief (30 minute) assessment and consultation for an acute injury in order to determine whether it requires true Physical Therapy treatment.  If we determine that PT is your best option, then we will schedule a follow-up appointment to proceed with treatment.

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30 minutes

Dry Needling

30 minutes

common conditions improved with dry needling

Dry needling is an effective manual treatment that involves a very thin monofilament needle being pushed through the skin in order to stimulate a trigger point in the muscle, or "knot" as they are commonly called. This form of therapy is used to release tight bands within a muscle that can cause pain over a large area.

We commonly use dry needling within our  standard physical therapy appointments (at no extra cost), however at times you may wish to schedule a separate treatment between appointments, which we are happy to do at our discretion.

Frozen shoulder
Tennis / Golfer’s Elbow
Muscle Spasms
Sciatic Pain

Joint Pain
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles Tendonitis
Neck and Back Pain

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