If you're not satisfied with "Back to Normal", neither are we. let us partner with you and take it to the next level.

Wolfe PT offers a range of performance focused services for every kind of athlete. We use specialized  technology to assess your movement patterns and then prescribe appropriate exercises and training programs to optimize the way your body performs. We are always expanding these offerings to best support our athletes and their goals. If you're ready to set a PR, we are ready to help.

biomechanical assessments

2.5 hours - $390

performance pitching

Performance running

You can abolish elbow or shoulder pain and improve throwing velocity and control with our Performance Pitching Assessment. You will be taken through a pitching screen, movement assessment, and 3-D Pitching Biomechanics assessment.

Following your assessment we create a report detailing any issues that affect velocity, control, and overall performance. You will be provided with a corrective plan to help optimize movement patterns and pitching efficiency.

Improve your speed and eliminate pain with our Performance Running Assessment. This 2 hour analysis session will include a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation and a functional dynamic movement assessment. Treadmill running analysis includes a multi-angle video recording and use of Dorsa-Vi wearable sensor technology to provide more specifics about your running mechanics.

We will discuss running gait, footwear, and avenues for improvement. This session also includes hands on manual treatment, progressive exercise prescription, and home corrective exercises.

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Strength and Skills Training

1 hour session - $100

Strength & conditioning

Sport-Specific Skills

Consistent strength and conditioning training is a critical component of both a healthy lifestyle and maintaining resilience after injury. Our staff are dual credentialed Physical Therapists and strength and conditioning specialists, which allows us to work skillfully with and around your specific movement limitations.

Strength training includes ongoing goal setting and performance testing to ensure you are progressing appropriately. These transitional sessions are meant to help bridge the gap between true rehab and performance while maintaining medical oversight. 

Field and court athletes of all ages work with our Sport Certified Specialists to develop training programs that build power, speed, strength and agility on a strong movement foundation. With extensive experience on both the field and the sidelines, our therapists are primed to help you fine tune the skills you need to take you to the next level, AND develop the necessary habits to keep you uninjured and in the game. 

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If you are currently injured or unable to maintain relative consistency with your training please consider scheduling a Physical Therapy consultation before beginning performance services.

Additional Athlete Services

blood flow restriction (BFR)

BFR is the next great breakthrough in sports medicine and performance. It is the use of pneumatic tourniquets to augment the flow of blood into and out of a working limb This allows the participant to achieve positive changes in the physiology that would normally only be seen in high intensity exercises. This is particularly useful when the ordinarily required levels of stress are unachievable due to injury or training load. Wolfe PT is excited to offer this modality as a part of our treatment and training services at no additional cost.

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physiological testing

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Available on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

Looking for a Coach?

A coaching relationship with Wolfe PT is a perfect extension of our run performance evaluation. No matter your distance, no matter your goals, we can help you plan and train to achieve them. Click below to learn more and apply today.

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