whether you are trying to set a performance milestone or simply want to enjoy consistent and healthy training, let us help!

Our goal is to provide a coaching experience that is founded on communication and collaboration to help you achieve your goals. We believe the cornerstones of the coaching-athlete relationship are communication, trust, individualization, and consistency. These pillars will inform all conversations, decisions, and programming to put us in the best position to meet your goals. Whether you are chasing a healthier lifestyle or the podium, we are thrilled at the opportunity to help you get there. 

We offer two levels of Run Coaching based on your specific needs.

Tier one - $150/ 4 weeks

For the healthy, independent runner looking for guidance and oversight in their training. Includes an initial consultation followed by tailored workouts delivered weekly by email. Your program includes strength training and general nutrition education.

Tier two - $300/ 4 weeks

For the performance oriented runner looking to accomplish endurance milestones. Everything from tier one plus workout feedback and modification as needed, access to your coach via text message, and a tailored, race-specific nutrition strategy.

If you are currently injured or unable to maintain relative consistency with your training please consider scheduling a Physical Therapy  consultation before beginning coaching services.

Request a call with Chase to discuss your training goals and get started.

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